Bill Kelso MFG Co. Interview

We recently interviewed the good folk over at Bill Kelso MFG Co. and asked them a few questions on their history and future. Enjoy. Q. So let's start simple, how did Bill Kelso MFG Co. start? A. This is a little known fact; the idea of creating the Bill Kelso brand started around 2006 with … Continue reading Bill Kelso MFG Co. Interview


Pick Of The Bunch – Vintage Inspired Tees

The t-shirt is probably the most undervalued, overworn item in anyone's wardrobe, and now it's getting to that time of year where you realise you should have bought that one you saw the other month but it's now sold out. Here's the GTE guide to the best vintage-inspired printed tees. Hawksmill Graphic Panther Tee Based … Continue reading Pick Of The Bunch – Vintage Inspired Tees

Hawksmill Denim Co

I first saw Hawksmill Denim co at Jacket Required a few months ago and have been following them ever since. Hawksmill offer a range of selvedge and non-selvedve denim, with fits that cover almost everyone's needs. Using white oak denim, from America, all of Hawksmill's jeans are made in Europe, a very rare attribute in … Continue reading Hawksmill Denim Co