Nanamica Wind Anoraks @ Oi Polloi

Japan's ace, init? You know what else is ace? Brands such as Beams+, Nanamica and Sassafras made available at the touch of a button thanks to independent stores like Oi Polloi. Or, if you're from Manchester like me, on your doorstep. Whilst many brands have been trying, with wavering success, to combine a dress down … Continue reading Nanamica Wind Anoraks @ Oi Polloi



Lightning Bolt was born in Hawaii in 1971, by its creators Gerry Lopez and Jack Shipley.  Forty-four years later the brand has matured and re-imaged itself with it’s SS15 collection.  The core theme Lightning Bold centres itself upon, is the individual’s connection between themselves and the natural environment, through the sport of surfing; allowing the … Continue reading LIGHTNING BOLT SS15