Peter Eriksson’s Top 8 Jackets

I asked Peter from if he would be up for doing his top jackets for us. I've known Peter for a good few years and knew he had a mint stash of outerwear and is handy with a camera to. Here's what made it to Peter's shortlist...... We all love a nice jacket. And we … Continue reading Peter Eriksson’s Top 8 Jackets


Borg Elite

My first memory of trainer desire is from about '97ish in primary school. We were all obsessed with sportswear at the time; Kappa tracksuits, adidas poppers and Ellesse sweats. It was around this time that a few of my mates owned adidas Galaxy, I’ve attached an image as they’re probably not the Galaxy that spring … Continue reading Borg Elite

Jason Jules

Alpha Industries MA 1  Got this in a vintage store off Brick Lane some time ago. It was amazingly cheap. Maybe they didn't know what they had or perhaps like a lot of people back then the MA1 was seen as the reserve of skinheads. That was about 15 years ago. Things have changed since then of course. As a style it's been … Continue reading Jason Jules

Saul Wilks

After a successful interview with the guys behind Ardour Brand, we kept pestering them for a top three, and it's here. Saul has chosen his selection and the reason behind each choice.   I think I echo the stress of the dilemma faced by any obsessive when asked to choose their top 3, whatever the … Continue reading Saul Wilks

Pure Retro

I was guilty of seriously overthinking this when GTE first asked me to supply my Top Three. Shall I do my top three military, top three work wear or top three hunting coats? As a self confessed jacket hoarder it was a difficult choice as I've been collecting vintage stuff ,and jackets especially, for well … Continue reading Pure Retro