Chris Donnelly Of Gio Goi

Big deal for me this top three as Chris Donnelly grew up on the same Manchester estate called Wythenshawe as I did. I was only a young kid when Chris and Anthony first set up Gio Goi. I remember getting my first Gio Goi t-shirt from a shop in Stockport called Bozo's. Now Chris and … Continue reading Chris Donnelly Of Gio Goi


Svante Nybyggars

My name is Svante Nybyggars (the family name means Newbuilder in English) and I'm a former copywriter who changed lifestyle when I turned 60. Then wanted to return to my roots. My ancestors were fishermen and small farmers. My father fought in World War II. This is the background to my current style as @theurbanhippieswe … Continue reading Svante Nybyggars