The Northern Fells Interview 

First question, tea or coffee? Stu & Ash – Both Harry – Either Onto the less important questions now, how did Northern Fells come about? What are your backgrounds? Various reasons, mainly trust and friendship. Obviously Harry and Ash are brothers so they have blood ties. I’ve know them since we went to secondary school […]

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Spot on: Hawkwood Mercantile

    Hawkwood Mercantile is a new label that caused some buzz on instagram recently. We spoke to  its founder Richard Illingworth.   Basics first: Who is Hawkwood Mercantile and what made you start the brand? My name’s Richard Illingworth and I’m from the North East of England originally. I did a textile design degree […]

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Peggs & Son Interview

This week, we bring you an interview with the owner of one of the best menswear shops in Britain, Ian Peggs, of Peggs & Son fame. GTE; First off, what made you set up Peggs & Son? IP; I always loved clothes as a kid- a typically working class thing I guess. I started secondary school […]

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Interview with Ardour Brand

We asked the good minds at Ardour Brand for an interview and they kindly obliged. Since starting up in 2013, Ardour have earnt a great reputation for producing high quality products ranging from iPhone holders and wallets to jackets and shirts. GTE; So to start, tell us a bit about Ardour Brand. Saul; Ardour Brand […]

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