Born from passion

Don't call it a comeback ... this spring sees the launch of a new brand: Creu. is the brainchild of Saul Wilks who, alongside his partner in crime Shaun Dangerfield, has brought us Ardour Brand. We asked him a few questions to find out, what his new project is all about. Hi Saul, it’s been … Continue reading Born from passion


Keep Yompin’ with Mamnick

"Warum in die Ferne schweifen, sieh das Gute liegt so nah!" - Try to say this old german proverb three times fast. Loosely translated, it means something like "but why look far when everything good is so near?" and that is just what Thomas Barnett does. The founder of Sheffield based clothing and accessory brand … Continue reading Keep Yompin’ with Mamnick

Pockets aplenty

All good things are three, they say. Three Stooges, three’s a crowd, three sheets in the wind, three stripes … you name it. So it’s about time for our third feature on Hawkwood Mercantile. And unless the man behind the brand, Mr. Richard Illingworth, stops putting out clobber that makes every cloth-lovers jaw hit the … Continue reading Pockets aplenty


Snow Peak @ Kinoko Store

The great outdoors. Exploring nature, enjoying its beauty, freedom and richness. If you are some kind of outdoor guy or gal, you may already know Snow Peak as a brand that provides all the essential gear for your trips, from titanium mugs, sporks (a spoon and fork 2-in-1 type o’thing) and foldable coffee drips to … Continue reading Snow Peak @ Kinoko Store


Join The Club

Does anyone here really need an introduction to the joys of layering? Guess not, as we all appreciate the advantages of being well prepared for all kinds of weather, especially the foul one. Shirts, gilets, overshirts, anoraks, macs - that sort of gear keeping you comfortably dry and warm, no matter if you’re out on … Continue reading Join The Club


Bricks and Mortar for the lucky lot – Kinoko opens first store

  Okay, I have to confess: When it comes to proper clobber, I am an online shopper. The type of guy that buys stuff by clicking around the net. But simply for one reason. I am living south of nowhere, Germany, whilst the majority of physical stores stocking the real good stuff is located abroad … Continue reading Bricks and Mortar for the lucky lot – Kinoko opens first store


Level up: News from Hawkwood Mercantile

Well, if you haven’t heard of Hawkwood Mercantile recently you have probably been living under a rock. The Delhi-based brand had quite an impact amongst connoisseurs of well-designed, army-inspired everyday clobber with a certain twist. If you really wonder, what this is all about, you might like to read more about HM and Richard Illingworth, … Continue reading Level up: News from Hawkwood Mercantile