Realm and empire are a brand that are making classic military inspired pieces and giving them a much more modern fit. They try and stick to originality as much as possible with their garments with help from the imperial war museum’s archives, allowing them to get as true to the original as possible. Not only this but their team are masters of technical and military clothing, which gives their garments the uniqueness and gives you the customer the confidence to purchase from them, knowing you’ve got something spot on.


To give you a quick overview of what to expect from them I have rounded up my top three items that hopefully you’ll be a fan of too.

I thought to start id choose something very weather appropriate. Now that winter is here and it’s absolutely freezing, I chose the Military-grade puffer coat, specifically in the dark sand. In R+E’s words ‘warmest jacket in our range’ you cant go wrong now that the cold has set in. using a windproof yarn dyed cotton and a military grade thermal wadding, you’ll be warm as in this and you’ll look the part too. With big pockets too on the front it’s the ideal jacket for winter, if dark sand isn’t your colour it’s also available in a classic navy and a stand out gold.


Next up is something from there made in England collection, I say proudly. I love to see things made in good old Blighty and its even better when its menswear. This next item is really a two in one, but they go together so it had to be done. Taking influence from US marines Real and Empire have crafted a heavy cotton twill two piece, with the jacket and the killer utility pants, nearly a remake of the ones the us navy and marines used back in World War 2. Check them out below, they’re brilliant.


For the final piece I thought id take a look at the re-issue archive collection, which is a selection of limited edition pieces brought back for those of you that missed out the first time. In this section luckily for you lot, nearly all the items are in the sale. This season, nearly everyone has brought out a cord jacket, trousers or shirt. However realm and empire have been ahead of the curve. With a very nice coffee coloured overshirt, reduced to the very nice £48. Below I’ve included this along side some of the other gems they’ve brought back for the second time.


Take a look at their website here: