The t-shirt is probably the most undervalued, overworn item in anyone’s wardrobe, and now it’s getting to that time of year where you realise you should have bought that one you saw the other month but it’s now sold out. Here’s the GTE guide to the best vintage-inspired printed tees.

Hawksmill Graphic Panther Tee

Based on a vintage Army patch, this Panther tee is printed on slub cotton jersey and washed to give it a great worn look, and one that will get better with age. You can get this tee at both Union Clothing or Frontiers Man using either link. 
The Real McCoy’s Creighton Tee

Made in Japan, this loopwheel tee is based on a vintage Creighton University t-shirt and gives a great vintage look to finish off any outfit. Available now from Superdenim
Outstanding Co. Motorcycle Tee

Rare as hens teeth, Outstanding is a brand exclusive to the good folk at All Blues Co. Using vintage Americana as inspiration, Outstanding offer a wide variety of tees, this Motorbike tee is a slubby heavyweight tee and available directly through All Blues Co. Instagram for a bargain price of £45.
Hobo & Sailor Navy Tomcat

After a bit of time away to find the ideal t-shirt, Hobo & Sailor are back, with an impressive selection of vintage inspired tees. The Navy Tomcat tee takes influence from Vintage US Navy insignia and is iconic in vintage military. The tee is available from Hobo & Sailor, with shipping available to the UK.