Big deal for me this top three as Chris Donnelly grew up on the same Manchester estate called Wythenshawe as I did. I was only a young kid when Chris and Anthony first set up Gio Goi. I remember getting my first Gio Goi t-shirt from a shop in Stockport called Bozo’s. Now Chris and Anthony are going back to those early days of Gio Goi with an old school range of Gio Goi Gear from back in the day. Brings back memory’s of Rave tape packs,Fiesta xr2’s and knocking around Wythenshawe with my mates back in the 90’s.  Here is what made it into Chris’s Top 3 its a belter!


Nigel Cabourn x Eddie Bauer Kara Koram

I used to wear Nigel Cabourn in the late 80’s, early 90’s.
I had a pair of indigo joggers with patch pockets on the front of each leg, which I guess was the footprint of what we see today from Nigel.
I did a lot of dancing in those joggers at the Hacienda and lots of other haunts.
I have several Cabourn coats, Everest Parka, Camera Man, Herbert G,
Photographer etc. My favourite is the Eddie Bauer colab, Camouflage Kara Koram. Love the styling of the big square pockets and the square quilt. A needs must for a freezing winters day, guaranteed to keep you warm teamed up with a pair of Red Wings 877 (Sweet!)

photo 3

CP Company Sheepskin Jacket

In 1981 I was 13 and I bought a second hand sheepskin coat for £20 from
an older lad in Wythenshawe. It was dark brown, single breast with leather
piping. I used to wear it to School and the Football. It made me feel like
one of the lads, even at that young age.

Many years later and still going to the Football I came across a double
breasted shawl neck CP Company sheepskin on beak st london that i just had to have. I
bought it and got it home to find a twist. It had a concealed goretex hood in the
collar a real nice touch. I always wear it to the Footy in Winter. It seems to remind me of many moons ago, nostalgia and relevance at the same time.

photo 1

Nanamica Gore-Tex Riding Coat

I’ve always loved Japanese clothing since I got my first experience of it in
1991 with a pair of Evisu Jeans which I bought from Richard Creme in Manchester.
My pals off our estate used to take the piss saying my jeans were from McDonalds!!
I don’t know much about Nanamica apart from loving the quality of the fabrics, the
makeup and the styling. I especially like the Barbour Bedale esque style but upgraded with Goretex split fabric and gold trims. Always good teamed up with Gucci loafers.

photo 2