We asked Russell from @hubb_leather on Instagram to do his Top Three Jackets for us. Here is what Ian chosen…

ian’s words…I’ve decided to feature the three jackets I wear most often for you, by default this makes them my favourites.
Number one, my oldest and most worn jacket by a country mile.
Harpoon Brand 100% cotton engineers coat.
The very simplest construction, a square unflattering cut, popper fastening and a few simple pockets. This is a great everyday bloke coat, crawling underneath a car, gardening, dying leather and picking kids up from school.
I do everything in this and at £12 plus VAT it’s a must have for me.


Number two

Further corduroy work jacket.
This is probably my favourite item of clothing and one of best things I own,the quality of fabric and construction is superb.Good design details abound and all from the North of England,the shell buttons are worthy of any top end manufacturer.
With time it’s getting better and better,softening in colour and shape.


Number three

James Darby designs denim chore jacket.
Not at ease with the double denim look I don’t wear this as often as I’d like,but when cargos or chinos are on the cards this comes out.A few unusual quirks of design punctuates James Darby’s work,this is one of his more sober efforts,the contrasting pockets,neck strap and patches on the forearm are the more notable details.