From times gone by the addition of a jewel swoosh on a Nike silhouette was not only a rarity but also one that sent sneaker heads spinning with excitement. Now in 2017 its making a return in two of the most iconic shoes Nike have ever produced.

To start the Nike Cortez, made famous of course by Forrest Gump, nowadays can be seen in a variation of designs, colours and materials. However they have gone with a minimal white leather and black and red accents on the two colour ways, along side the truly unmistakable jewel swoosh. With summer just about fully in swing these are a pair that should not be missed, lightweight and comfortable you can’t ask for much more. Available today, they should fly off the shelves. Check them out in the images below.

Now when you think of icons, the Nike Air Max 1 is one of those. For over 30 years they have been ever-present in just about everyone’s wardrobe. However over the past couple of years the air max had become something that wasn’t on the must have list, and with no surprise the quality and shape of the shoe had left a lot to be desired. But over the last few months, new Air Max 1 iterations have brought that iconic shape and design back; thankfully they’ve used it on the jewels. Using the same as the Cortez, smooth plain leather with those black and red accents. They are class, and priced at 99 pounds, they shouldn’t be slept on and in my opinion one of Nike’s classics yet to come. Pictured below you can see them in all their glory, with their translucent sole. You’ll be able to get your hands on them on June 15th.

Check out the drop date link below to see where you can purchase them:


Air Max 1: