I started out my working career as an apprentice mechanic way back in 1997, at the skinny age of 16. I lasted out for 18 months under the useless supervision of YMCA training, it was awful.
Back then my daily work attire consisted of Dickies navy blue overalls combined with crippling cheap steel toe caps. English workwear isn’t in the same league as French chore jackets and American coveralls. Over the years I’ve seen many a brand take on the workwear look. Now it’s Albam’s turn, with a well turned out mechanics jacket, but I very doubt you will change a spark plug in it.
The Albam Mechanics jacket comes in 5 different variations of fabric from light Italian Herringbone cotton to a black ripstop fabric, a olive waxed fabric, a stone coloured canvas fabric and not forgetting my favourite of the 5 a indigo cotton. The Mechanic Jacket features consist of 4 healthy sized and one inner pocket, enough room to accommodate your smart phone to your Oyster card or if you’re feeling in keeping with the jackets heritage, a few snaps on the spanners. Best of all, its made in England. Visit their site using this link.