Working Class Heroes is a store perfectly named, setting up shop in Cumbria they are a small enterprise bringing a well-selected collection of street wear for their customers. For over 10 years now they have been doing what they love, giving you a fantastic customer service partnered with a high calibre selection of menswear that is a very rarely seen in today’s retail world.

One of their newer additions to the store is Millican bags, another Cumbria and fellow lake district outfit, the produce some of the best bags in the business, and in their own words are ‘a collective of conscious travellers’. They create lifetime capable bags that will last an age and can be taken on just about every journey imaginable and do the job with ease.

Started by two friends Jorrit & Nicky who met whilst travelling in South America in 90s. Time past and they drifted, but like all good friends drew closer once again thanks to a man called Millican Dalton an adventurer who did exactly what they did, left the city lifestyle for the beauty of the lakes. Fast-forward to today and they used his name and teachings as inspiration for their business.

Found on a small farm in Skiddaw, their sustainable bags are nothing short of quality, ultimately durable and perfect for outdoors or the normal day to day user with laptop sleeves and several storage compartments. The Smith Roll Pack in this awesome ember colour way is my personal favourite. Moving away from the conventional greys and blues. These bags will last you a life time and priced insanely well compared to some of the competitors who lets face it produce a weaker product.

Check them out directly at Millican, or better yet check out the blog post by Working class Hereos below: