This feature has taken me a little longer to write than usual, I could’ve cobbled together something quick but I really didn’t think that would’ve done this feature or The Priory any justice. The guys at The Priory were kind enough to allow me to come down and join in their fifth birthday celebrations and it was most definitely a night of celebration.

If you can picture walking through a door past a bucket filled with free beer (always good) and a very appetite inducing hog roast; into a space filled with wooden benches, perfectly dimmed lighting, and plants that accentuated the dark grains of the wood with lighter more vibrant greens, to then be greeted by some rather pleasant Lee denim. Then you’re some way to imagining what I walked into when I visited The Priory for their fifth birthday celebration.

After walking past a rather large stone sign that had the year ‘1889’ carved into it which, coincidentally, is the year of Lee’s foundation. There was, to the left of the room, a perfectly placed selection of Lee Rider jackets, explaining the history of the jacket and its origins which I will admit, I gazed at for quite some time. Further down after a slight step which I nearly missed on several occasions, was an extension of the previous space, yet this time you were greeted by a stage in the left corner of the room and a bar to the right (more beer, again, always good). I also must admit that to my detriment, I’d never listened to much of the acts that took to the stage before that night, Vague, and Son of Dave. However, as the night progressed, drinks were being consumed, and denim was being appreciated, they completely rounded off the night. A well-executed rendition of Black Betty was a personal highlight, as well as being witness to a very impressive conga line, and despite a speaker being blown out, I feel that the entertainment was a definite success.

I have to say, for a store that only started out five years ago the guys at The Priory have come an awful long way. They stock some of the most well-respected brands in menswear and to do that is far from easy. They have a space that is clean, minimalistic and compliments their whole ethic down to a tee. Not only this, though, but the atmosphere within the store makes you feel like you’re stepping into the pub with your friends. I think this is what makes The Priory so well respected, no one wants to walk into a store and feel under pressure like their every move is being judged, and with The Priory, you get none of that, you’re treated as if you’ve known them for years.

When I walked in on Saturday I was entering into the unknown, I’d never met anyone at the event before and the correspondence I’d had with Vince had been via email or text and yet, despite this, I was made to feel completely at home. Credit needs to be given to Lee as well for an excellent selection of Denim and also the beer, which has to be given a solid 10. Despite making my already blurred vision a solid 2, how I managed to navigate myself back to the hotel is rather astounding on reflection.

For The Priory to have been open for five years is something which needs to respected, the drive they have to succeed and grow their brand is something which can only mean good things for them in the future. If they carry on the way they have, and I believe they will, there is no reason why they can’t make a continuous success of something that started off from such a humble beginning.

If you’re a fan of menswear or just general good stuff and you’ve never checked out The Priory then I implore you to do so, you definitely won’t  regret it.

I’d like to round this off by personally thanking Vince and the rest of the team for allowing me to come down and enjoy the night with them, everything from the beer to the music, to the food, and finally the people made the night what it was and it will live long in the memory. I have no doubt that The Priory will continue to be a massive success and I wish them all the best for the future. You can visit The Priory’s online store by clicking here.