Over 100 years ago in the city of London, Lee Cooper jeans were born. Ever since they have remained one of the biggest names in denim. Spanning from the military to rock stars Lee Cooper jeans have been worn by pretty much everyone, including myself.

Their history is vast and they have been well received the world over for years, being worn by The Rolling Stones in the 50s to the entire British Olympic team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics celebrating the brands 100th birthday. Today however Lee Cooper jeans have launched a new line of ‘artisan selvedge denim’ harking back to the origins of the brand, combining classic and modern fits with original materials and craftsmanship.

The collection itself is something to gaze over, with a set of three specifically chosen fits; you can really see the quality and time that goes into each pair. All of the pairs for men and women are crafted using the ‘shuttle-loomed selvedge denim’ with a weight to go with it being either 15.3 or 10.7oz. As well as this the detail that has gone into each pair is second to none, from the buttons and zips using 100% copper to the presentation box you receive them in.

They are available via the link below, but act fast. This limited edition collection will be here forever.

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