London based Garbstore are to release their ‘In the Absence of Conflict’ collection this week.

The collection takes on the task of pulling influences from iconic military styles from the Vietnam War while translating the core of the collection into one with more peaceful tones. The era was an exceptionally profound time within history with graphics and imagery, often promoting a military agenda. Stripping the clothing of all signs of violence, Garbstore’s SS17 collection re-imagines symbols of intolerance and hostility and introduces messages of acceptance through softer designs and caring considerations.

Using a military tour jacket as a foundation, the tone of the collection changes with bespoke embroidery of the Lake Districts serene Lake Buttermere featured across the back of the garment. The image can also be spotted across a cotton tee, in a ‘paint by numbers’ template for playful appeal. Throughout SS17, care is dedicated to each piece Garbstore has created.  Yarns see hand-dyed treatment, fabrics are designed to wear with ease and Eco-friendly washes are featured periodically across the collection. Contrasting original military uniforms, this collection emanates a clear sense of acceptance and forgiveness, the softer designs and materials speak volumes about their contrasting military design and clearly reinforce the name of this release ‘In the Absence of Conflict’.

Military tags have been replaced with softer badges and blocks of calm hues using intarsia techniques can be found in the knitwear numbers, with screen printing across the cotton tees. The collection’s title ‘In the Absence of Conflict’ doesn’t shy from accompanying the printed tops, expressing a slogan of peace amongst the line-up.

Garbstore’s ongoing dedication to using the best quality Japanese fabrics and construction techniques results in a collection that fuses interesting adaptations and new directions for a range of non-military uniforms. The symbols of peace that are prominent throughout this collection, whether through print or design, add a unique and perhaps unconventional element to Garbstore’s latest release, but one which is vitally important.

The ‘In the Absence of Conflict’ collection will be available in stores this week.