So since 2009ish, the shape of the Air Max One has been questionable. Nike knew exactly what they were doing when they messed it up anyway, whole lot of costing and profit margin kinda stuff comes into it with these big companies. But with 2016 being they year of Adidas, killing the sneaker world with the NMD and the Ultra Boost, again, Nike is looking to one of its best loved models to bring the brand into the spotlight again.

Pretty much every big company we can think of sneaker wise, has messed up the shape of a loved model, Nike take the crown on ruining everything they once did great though, which has got to be hard going really, hats off to them.

But it seems theyre taking a step in the right direction with these photos of the rumoured final product for 2017. Materials suggest this release may be a tier zero, with no release date set for them, nor price, we currently have no clue on stockists or numbers made