We recently stumbled up on another great brand over at GTE, RMBLR – an English brand, producing some exceptional hats, socks and bags. 

RMBLR is a collaboration of two great minds, Rob Brigham and Fred Royle – who, together with a combined love for the outdoors, are ensuring that each product is hand made here in these Isles and that they are made to last. 

Their Midhope Tote and Derwent Rolltop Back Pack are both made in Salford, with the Midhope featuring an interior sleeve for a water bottle and laptop. Boxed stitching stress points are used on the webbing to ensure that they bag is built to keep you company for years.

The Derwent is made up of 14oz 100% cotton and is water proof. The camo roll top is made of a 600D Poly with a special PU coating. It features two side zips to give easy access into the main compartment of the bag, to store your books, your football boots or your Nando’s you’re sneaking into the cinema. 

Both their socks are made in one of the best sock factories in England on 84 needle machines, and come in 2 different styles, the Jerusalem and the Kinder. 

Despite its namesake the Kinder is actually the meaner of the two and is often seen bullying the Jerusalem in the stockroom. 

The Kinder is made up of 72% wool and 28% polyamide, so that they fit to the foot nicely. A shrink treatment also adds to the fit, and also adds warmth for the colder months. 

The Jerusalem is 85% cotton and 15% polyamide and has a natural rib for comfort and support. 

RMBLR also offer a range of hats, the Wildboar and the Cabin, both named after valleys in their local area. 

The Cabin beanie is a made in Oldham or a traditional knitting machine and features hem wrap woven RMBLR logo or a standard rectangular patch. It is made from man made fibers, which are made in Manchester. 

The Wildboar is made the traditional way and is hand finished. The Kilcarra tweed used combines traditional Irish and modern spinning technique to give it a unique yarn and is finished with either circular or rectangular RMBLR branding.  

Head over to the RMBLR website using this link.