On its one year anniversary, Moscow based Nameless Apparel has set out to change the way in Russian clothing. The team behind the brand, TECHUNTER Design Studios, was far from happy with the state of the clothing industry in Russia and since then have produced their own take on what they want to see in the market, and has seen its products go throughout Russia and the rest of Europe.

Many of the garments they produce take inspiration from the military, but giving them a modern twist. One of which is the W0-FX SLVR, combining warmth and durability with a soft shell material but keeping the wind and waterproof functionality you would need, especially in Moscow at wintertime.

However my favourite piece is the RAY_VN 2.0, which is a lighter and in my opinion an improved version of the original anorak they made. Again taking military inspiration, fitted with a 3L membrane allowing the jacket to be wind and waterproof but remaining comfortable. The jacket also comes with waterproof side zips, making this the perfect jacket for winter or any nasty turn in the weather you may find yourself in.

You can check them out in the link below, or have a look on their Instagram.


Instagram: @nameless_tech_apparel