All good things are three, they say. Three Stooges, three’s a crowd, three sheets in the wind, three stripes … you name it. So it’s about time for our third feature on Hawkwood Mercantile. And unless the man behind the brand, Mr. Richard Illingworth, stops putting out clobber that makes every cloth-lovers jaw hit the ground immediately, there’s probably a lot more to come. Right now, the man has given us another lookbook featuring his creations for Autumn/Winter 2016/17.

And as you might have guessed, it has got plenty of well-designed jackets, shirts and trousers. Full placket, half placket, smock, parka, olive, blue or orange … literally everything you want, it’s there. And it has pockets. Plenty of ‘em. Some of them are detachable. I mean just take a look at that new „section“ jacket – it even has a pocket on the collar. Even if you have no practical use for that particular one it’s a tip to the hat for that brilliant idea. It just had to be done, eh?

Looking at the collection, certainly you still have the soon-to-be-classics like the utility pocket shirt, the Tryfan anorak and the Groundcrew pants. But the Hawkwood Mercantile range now gets a bit more diverse with items like the mid-length Squadron parka, the Rigger shirt or the very appealing P-44 jacket… Damn, I could just name every single item from the lookbook. They are masterpieces. And you should do yourself or your beloved ones a favor and grab one or two. They’re worth every penny – and worth the wait, as the whole collection is made to order from New Delhi and each piece is individually cut and sewn.

Enough talking, now for some more pictures.