Founded by Mike and Jennie Holmes The Long Shot Experiment sets out to create clothing inspired by the style and culture that hark back to the 70s and 80s.

Starting out with hats, each hand made and numbered in Manchester I’d like to add, they have expanded now into making t-shirts and soon even more apparel. Most notably is their ‘Trek Man’ tees, sporting the lyric ‘The kids be rockin’ Clarks where I’m from’ taken from the cult hip hop group Digable Planets’ song ‘Where I’m From’.

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In their own words they ‘create products for the insiders and outsiders’. Allowing all types of style to appreciate their garments. I was sent one of the first samples of their new two tone tee and I was impressed from what is such a small set up, and the new additions that are set to be added to the final product will be subtle but so worth it. I might even have to double up on it.


The Long Shot Experiment are definitely worth checking out their website in the link below.