Does anyone here really need an introduction to the joys of layering? Guess not, as we all appreciate the advantages of being well prepared for all kinds of weather, especially the foul one. Shirts, gilets, overshirts, anoraks, macs – that sort of gear keeping you comfortably dry and warm, no matter if you’re out on a hike in the alps or just round the corner walking the dog.

As a relatively new brand, founded in 2015, The Workers Club a.k.a. TWC is putting a big boot in the door when it comes to the combination of functionality, heritage and contemporary fashion design. Their actual collection named „The Works“ is an outstanding combination of outerwear for men and women. „This style will remain intrinsic to the TWC collection as it is wearable through every season“, as the founders of the brand, Adam and Charlotte Cameron, state on their website.

To them, „The Works“ stands for „key pieces we want to become future classics“. And to be honest, this collection is a damn good effort. It’s all here – from the chunky woolen gilets, cardigans, socks and scarves to the massive shell jacket with a big button-on hood. And not to forget the shirts, folks. Just have a look at their half placket chambray shirt in all of its beauty: triple contrast stitching, Okayama-sourced fabric and all… Just wow!

Nonetheless, one of the key pieces for this season without a doubt is their shell jacket. It comes in various styles, from an abstract autumnal camo to a classic decent navy, sand or olive. And as the founders of The Workers Club believe that form and function should be in equilibrium, each Jacket has an extra inner zipper to fix your TWC gilet and give you extra warmth where necessary. Just by looking at their gear, you get the idea that Adam and Charlotte and their team have a combined thirty years of experience designing luxury, heritage and fast fashion.

Their goal is to „create considered garments for like-minded souls“. And to share their obsession with fabric and craftmanship: „We (…) take every step to ensure that we source and develop the finest yarns from the most innovative and respected mills in the world“, the founders say. The result is a unique collection of luxurious contemporary garments that have been engineered with integrity, passion and performance. So, what are you waiting for? Come join the (workers) club!