Our friends at Kinoko are smashing it in the jacket game again this coming winter. They have managed to talk the boys over at Nepenthes into being the fonly stockists of South2 West8 outerwear in the UK. Until now we have only seen South2 West8 bags land on our shores. Now, there’s no need to use those sketchy Japanese proxy services with the risk of getting robbed with the import tax, there’s no need to hike across to Tokyo either, despite how nice that would be. Kinoko have boxed off South2 West8’s FW16 Carmel Coat which is the longer version, and the Carmel Jacket being the shorter version. Made in Japan, out of 100% cotton, the jacket features a Paraffin coating to give it a worn look, with the wool and corduroy lining has got me feeling all snug. For more intoformation, have a further look here.