Did you know you can open a bottle of wine with a shoe? Well apparently you can, i’ve never had that problem like because all I drink in Dark Fruits and they’re well easy to open. But anyway, yeah you can, I know this cos I saw it on a YouTube video once and the guy doing it is wearing all white and it freaks me out all the way through because he’s just spilling red white all over his clothes, a proper mess.

Anyway, YMC x Padmore and Barnes have come together and done a big collaboration together, and the main one is the ‘original’ style, which, i’m going to be honest with you, is a Wallabee. I dunno what the relation is with Padmore & Barnes and Clarks, but they both make the Wallabee and that’s fine with me. The main stand out colour of this is the ‘Oxblood’ colour way, which is a proper red wine colour. Perfect for using to open a bottle of red wine, that’s where that opening paragraph was leading to.


Their mate Oi Polloi popped by and helped them with the Natalie as well, which is a proper ‘i wear my love for crepe soles on my sleeve’ type of shoe, personally I’m not mad on them. But my Dad had a pair when I was younger. So he’s well happy to be getting another pair, they’ll probably bring back some good memories of a time without my gobshite mates mithering him on Twitter because they went out for a pint with him once, and a life without me. Can hardly blame him, tbh.

Right, back to the shoes anyway. They’ve proper hit it into the top bins with this collab, every shoe is absolutely mint. But the Original is my favourite, they only come in Womens sizes as well, so you’re fucked if you’re a size 8+ but then theres a good chance you’re a massive weirdo anyway.

Get them from here now