Right, I’m gonna be honest with you. I’ve been in work since half seven this morning, and i’m still here at twenty to 7 at night because Manchester is currently experiencing an absolute fucking MONSOON right about now, and i’m wearing all white Ultra Boosts.

So i’m writing this both as an excuse to avoid the rain, and to tell you all about this really quite good brand called Grind London, they’ve just released their latest collection and look book straight from the streets of Tokyo, and honestly, it looks proper mint. I mean I fuck with Grind London’s stuff as it is, they’re appealing to me all sort of ways. But when you put them alongside some cool not giving a fuck Japanese models then you’ve got something pretty special going on.

Anyway, go enjoy their look book of clothes and people looking absolutely cool as fuck in a setting that isn’t some Brutalist architecture in London, and buy yourself a nice t-shirt from here