Reebok and Garbstore have been working together for a little while now, producing trainers, that maybe slip under the radar of the regular footwear fanatic, but here at GTE we are massively appreciating the usage of colour palettes and materials, never mind turning webs inside out. Either way, when Garbstore and Reebok jump on a collab, its not the general run of the mill stuff, and with numbers reducing from previous work, you may need to be faster to the checkout with the next release.

All 3 makeups feature a modified Reebok logo on the side, with what looks like paint over the Reeb, leaving us with OK and the GB flag, Garbstore have basically made your childhood/youth shoe wearable in your 40s, without looking like your on JSA that is.

With all shoes featuring a change in branding on the side, Garbstore revisit the reversing of tongue tab, using premium suede throughout, terry towelling lining and killer colourways, there isnt a reason for you to not grab at least one pair in this arsenal

Available from Garbstore