Right then, I’m making my return to bashing on a keyboard till something semi decent comes about, because I’ve seen some of the best things of the year milling about the social media and this is the year that we’ve been blessed with those cult leader esque all white wallees, the flyknit Air Max, and Pogba coming back to United (you should all be really arsed about this, because if you’re not buzzing then you probably spend all your time on Twitter moaning about his goal celebrations, nerds)


Anyway, it’s the Battenwear AW16 drop that I’m on about, their coats have been floating about Twitter and Instagram for a week or so now and they’re not getting any less impressive. Even that Roy Cropper number that they’ve done, heard it comes with a bag for life and everything. I’ll be swerving it like. They’ve got some mad nylon harrington thing that was definitely inspired by scousers with ket wigs and Reebok Classics at Creamfields. There’s a cord sherpa lined jacket as well that’s got hip pockets on it, something I’ve been after for ages and it’s here now, so that’s nice, isn’t it? Yeah, it is.



But, the main thing i’m on about here, that I’m actually buzzing for is this that they’ve done called the Promenade Parker, in this camel colour, and just look at it. It looks like something Benjamin Braddock would wear and make Holden Caulfield really jealous about, and well that’s all we can really hope for in a coat isn’t it? For me it is anyway.

It’s got four pockets that might not appeal to you all, but 2 of them are lined with corduroy which is quite nice, isn’t it? It’s got enough room for your phone and smokes and that’s all you need really. It’s never a good look to be rummaging around your 12 pockets for your phone to order an Uber after a night out lads, honestly. Anyway, it’s camel colour, it’s 80% wool and after I said it’s something that Benjamin Braddock would have worn you should have all stopped reading and gone and bought it, tbh.


They’ve also got all their usual really quite good staples, the scout anorak, travel shell parka, the day hiker etc.

Battenwear will have it on their site soon, I reckon. But if you’re clever and have a google, you’ll see it on a few Canadian sites already.

Nice one to the quite lovely lads who use well less commas than me over at Proper Mag for the images.