Well, if you haven’t heard of Hawkwood Mercantile recently you have probably been living under a rock. The Delhi-based brand had quite an impact amongst connoisseurs of well-designed, army-inspired everyday clobber with a certain twist. If you really wonder, what this is all about, you might like to read more about HM and Richard Illingworth, the man behind the brand here. For the ones in the know: Hooray, there is a whole bunch of new pieces coming up from the man!!! The new lookbook is out and you can now order it via e-mail  to check out what’s up.

The P44 overshirt in navy

And what can I say? Looking at the pictures I feel like that kid in the candy store, crying „I want this! No, wait, I want that! Dang, I want everything around here!!!“ I mean, just take look at the stunning P-44 overshirt for example with its beautiful metal buttons, its straight cut and of course those three pockets, giving you enough room to store everything you need for a good day (or night) out. And, speaking of pockets, there is also the P-44 short and trouser with a huge back pocket and the new Glyder jacket that takes the three small chest pockets of the Tryfan anorak and the Sherpa shirt with the middle one being removable for zipping the jacket up. Going through the whole collection you can certainly go on discovering new ideas and cross-references for hours or you can just enjoy the pieces, but you can’t help but notice the passion Richard and his Tailors seem to put in every single stitch.

All in all, Hawkwood Mercantile is definitely levelling up another big step with its new items. For all of you looking for a more distinguished workwear look, Richard even offers a new take on teh Foreman blazer – another piece that has style and workmanship literally written all over. Enough talk, now take a peek at the pictures below and make yourself feel like that candy store kid again. Enjoy!