The big coats are out and the overshirts are in.

Grants.1856 have put away their fishermen friendly jackets for a while and are preparing you for the brief British Summer time with Universal Works’ take on the Baker’s Overshirt.

The Baker’s Overshirt sums up everything that is right with Universal Works. Simple and stylish, well-made clothing tailored to the modern man.

Made from a lightweight cotton fabric, it’s a bit lighter than your average overshirt/work jacket. And there’s plenty of pockets on the front.

Grants are giving out a free pack of Fisherman’s Friends with every Norse x Elka purchased. Slip in a free Belgian bun and I might just have a bite out of a Baker’s Overshirt.

Shop the overshirt in three colours here¬†and for this weekend only, there’s 15% off in the mid-season sale.