Here at GTE, we love a bit of camo.

If you’re also a good with-stander of the, ‘oops I didn’t see you there’, puns then get a load of Realm and Empire’s All Mapped Out collection.

Taking graphical inspiration from the Second World War, Realm and Empire have created their own unique ‘map camo’ pulled from an escape map sewn in to the beret of a Long Range Desert Group member.

Our favourite from the collection is the Combat Overshirt. A classic design, cut to fit the modern man in a mid-weight cotton twill with a patchwork finish.

The dropped shoulders give it a casual feel, with oversized utility pockets to store your pen knives, field notes and 25g of Golden Virginia.

I got really in to Deutschland 83 recently, so I won’t be surprised if I find myself wearing this alongside some fatigues and a pair of Stan Smith’s this summer.

Find the overshirt here and shop the full collection at

Use code ‘GTE20’ for 20% off at the checkout!

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