Sacré bleu, it’s Arpenteur! Whether your carrying a fishing rod or an easel, or simply dressing like you do, Arpenteur have got you covered and their Spring-Summer 16 collection is now available from the good people at Kinoko store.

Arpenteur have only been around for the past five years but they quickly had us all swooning with their array of pop-over smocks, shirts and travaillez jackets. 

But what really won us all over were those lovely swing tags inspired by mid-century European cartoon style. This season Arpenteur have gone one step further and taken those swing tag designs and put them on some print tees.

Also available is the ‘Pyjama Shirt’. Guy Debord once said ‘never work’ but if that isn’t quite possible, what’s the next best alternative? Wearing a pyjama shirt to work that’s what.

Shop it at all here at Kinoko.