Danish fashion house Norse Projects comes into spring summer 2016 with a classic selection of its staple Nordic designs but this season has dipped into the military aspect of its products. Combining the designs with lighter, more breathable fabrics for those warmer summer months. They have done so to achieve in their own words the idea of ‘light active wear’.

Hitting the shelves during the summer months Norse Projects coming from cool Scandinavia have stuck to a traditional and simple colour palette with vivid matte tones of orange, blue and off whites. The new season brings a slightly different look for Norse Projects as well as all their classics a new concept of forward thinking with the use of more varied fabrics, such as durable nylon ripstop and lightweight twills. Marrying the well-known Norse look with the much needed summer breathability.

One thing you are assured with Norse is quality and this season is no exception, if you have experienced Norse Projects before you will know that they produce a quality well put together garment every time around. Another focal point on this season is the detailing on the garments, small details that really set off the pieces individually. Featured in the images below.

Come rain or shine this summer one thing is for certain, Norse Projects have produced a very strong collection and one I can see being very popular. Available to buy now at: