Here I present to you a new mysterious brand of footwear called, ‘The Wild Bunch’.  I say mysterious because when trying to do my research about the brand over the internet, nothing but nothing could I find.  Absolutely zilch – try for yourself.  However, from the pictures of the shoes we can tell, The Wild Bunch mean business.  To begin with, the brand has got the colour palette spot on, with various cream and brown suede uppers to chose from.  On the bottom of the shoe is what looks like a vegetable tan runner board keeping the upper and crepe sole steady together.  Finally, the shoes are finished off with double white stitching and a pair of rope laces, either patterned or bloc colour.

These shoes look to be perfect for anyone wanting a pair of crepe Oxford shoes, definitely going for that Ivy, preppy look we do all love.  Word on the grape vine is that these are going to be retailed at around the £135 mark.  Lower than the price of Viberg Oxfords; I’m willing to bet these shoes from The Wild Bunch will be just as good and still pack a punch.

The brand will be releasing these shoes sometime this year but for more information and for exactly when they’ll be available is yet to be released. Keep a close eye on their Instagram page – @ WildBunchStyles