Right, picture the scene, it’s a Wednesday afternoon, you need to be meeting your missus, you’re already an hour late, why? Cos you’re held up in the Starbucks on St Anne’s square because the Manchester weather has kicked in and it’s fucking hammering it down, oh and you’ve got ALL WHITE WALLABEES on.

Yeah that’s right, all white suede Clarks Wallabees on, it’s a ridiculous idea to have an all white suede shoe isn’t it? But they just look absolutely mint. They’re going to look mint if you wear them ‘naughties’ shite indie band style and get them banged up to fuck and full of dirt at that from bouncing around to Rock and Roll Star and Mr Brightside at your local indie disco. Or if you choose to use a full bottle of Crep Protect on them and keep them proper clean they’re still going to look mint because again you’re wearing ALL WHITE WALLABEES.

Just go and buy them, you’ll be an idiot to not to. Just don’t be late meeting with your missus, she won’t care that you’ve been hiding to protect your shoes. Oh, and if you buy these and wear them with a white mountain parka and a pair of white Levi’s like Benjamin Braddock at the end of The Graduate, i’ll buy you a pint.

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