Hands down there is no label out there better than Ralph Lauren, it’s the absolute GOAT. Everything from it’s Polo Ralph Lauren stuff straight through to the Denim & Supply stuff, Ralph Lauren gets it right every single time. The chef, Raekwon knew it, Kanye knew it, years of Ivy League lads knew it and Oi Polloi knows it, that’s why they’ve just had a load of new Ralph gear delivered ready to pick you up out of those post Christmas blues (dunno if you can still say that in February, but I just have so y’know, we’re going with it)

Ralph Lauren do those basics real well, you need a sweatshirt?  A plain t-shirt? Or a decent denim shirt? Then Ralph’s you covered every single time, and it has that little polo horse on it, which is the best bit of branding in the #menswear game, hands down. Don’t even come at me thinking it’s your Stone Island, your Palace or whatever else, because it’s always going to be Ralph, NQAT, hands down.

I’m not even going to write about the clothes because you really don’t need to, you know what you’re getting, timeless quality that is going to look mint regardless of what you’re wearing it with whether you’re a scally wearing a Ralph polo with a pair of 110’s or you’re doing the ivy league look with the blue oxford and a pair of chinos, it’s going to look good. (Well maybe not the scally look, depends how ‘roadman’ you are I guess)

One thing I will talk about those is those BRIGHT white socks, look at them! Proper Alvy Singer gear you’re definitely going to have to invest in some vanish to keep them clean but when you’re out on the piss in town and you’re attracting Diane Keaton esque girls in your tennis get up you can come buy me a pint and thank me, because I’ll be right, i’ve got youse covered.

Get it all now from Oi Polloi, and join your local polo club, or meet up with your scally mates from high school, whatever you’re doing I don’t care, just do it wearing Ralph Lauren.