Japan’s ace, init? You know what else is ace? Brands such as Beams+, Nanamica and Sassafras made available at the touch of a button thanks to independent stores like Oi Polloi. Or, if you’re from Manchester like me, on your doorstep.

Whilst many brands have been trying, with wavering success, to combine a dress down look with current, performance-driven, technology, Nanamica have been leading from the front since 2003.

Combining a classic aesthetic with superior outerwear fabrics like Goretex, you can keep warm, stay dry and look cool when doing so.

The latest instalment sees the introduction of the Wind Anorak in a pop-over style featuring a fishtail hem and a pouch pocket to keep your mittens warm.

The beige one looks ideal for keeping the wind away on Tattoine as you’re bullseyeing wamp rats with your T-16.

You can shop them both here at Oi Polloi.