In terms of hand crafted British footwear two of the first names that spring to mind are New Balance who have had a factory in Cumbria for nearly 35 years pumping out most
of Europe’s New Balance shoes, and Grenson who have been in the business for over 100 years and their products have remained timeless classics throughout. So naturally when the news first hit that these two footwear giants were collaborating there was a lot to talk about. The reason for the initial hype of the shoe was that the two brands are at polar opposites of the footwear spectrum. New Balance producing athletic trainers and Grenson making smarter formal shoes.


The shoe itself the 576GRB which is limited to only 800 pairs has been made in its traditional silhouette with the addition of the classic Grenson brogue detailing my personal favourite the embossed tongue label and of course made from Grenson’s finest Italian full grain Grade A calf skin leather, which in Grenson’s owner Tim Little’s words is “The best leather for shoe making”. That is one thing we can be certain of with this shoe, both companies are renowned for their quality, and with the amount of detail that has gone into this shoe and the amount of work and dedication will make this a truly memorable collaboration.


This does however bring a hefty price tag of£299.00 but if you take the time to examine the shoe in full detail it is worth every penny. The craftsmanship and high
quality material that has gone into it will prove its worth. Although the initial release was the 9th of January the worldwide release is scheduled for this Saturday the 23rd.
the link below will take you to the Hanon website where you will be able to buy the shoe.