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As some may or may not know, the technology Le Coq Sportif pumped into their athletic shoes in 1991, happens to be 25 this year. One of those things that just happens when it exists for 25 years, it gets a 25th birthday, kinda crazy.

LCS stockists up and down the country such as Hanon Shop in bitter Aberdeen, Scotland will have installations for the technology big birthday. The set up isn’t really the talking point, more so the shoes. The installations are based around the three triangles which appear in all Dynactif boasting shoes, such as the R1000, R800 and T4000 featured in this resurgence of 90s tech.

The installations will all feature a wonderful little BMX, draped in LCS and Dynactif paraphernalia. Which is probably the must have accessory of this season, you heard it here first… Which unfortunate isnt for sale, but is available through competitions via IG.

Other than the BMX, we see the reissue of the R800, R1000, and the T4000 in their original form, with the addition of an anniversary tongue tab for good measure. All items will come with a Limited Edition sticker pack, and arrive in a rehash of the OG packaging, which still come with item name and colours on a sticker as they did back in 1991

No ideas on pricing yet but, R800 and R1000 will be aroiund £95, with the T4000 at about £80, and the Apparel to be £50 for crew necks and £30 for tees. All of which will be available at http://www.hanon-shop.com and http://www.footpatrol.co.uk on the 22nd January 8.00am

Le-Coq-Sportif-Dynactif-2 (1)Le-Coq-Sportif-Dynactif-4Le-Coq-Sportif-Dynactif-3

Photos from Footpatrol London