For those who do not know, Harry Stedman is a brand founded by the son and grandson of Harry Stedman.  The creation of the brand is to commemorate and keep alive the legacy of Harry through the garments they create.  Taking on board inspiration from the tales Harry once told of himself being a young merchant seaman and what cities and cultures he visited during the 50’s-60’s.  From this the Stedman team recreate the fashion of the day and aim to bring back good quality and functional workwear clothing, instead of perhaps the modern massed produced garments.  Aiming to create clothing that is to last a lifetime for the wearer.  The Stedman team now presents us with a Mid Season lookbook, set in Harry’s hometown of Liverpool and compiles different pieces displaying how each piece copes with the different elements of weather.  The lookbook portrays the transition of Harry and how his clothes would have been back in the day.  Keeping out the element whilst he may have been at sea but dressing up to look his best when back home on the streets of the city.

Firstly, in the collection and which is one of my favourites, is the collaboration with the notorious Golden Bear, to produce some cosy looking varsity jackets.  The brand have been producing dock worker jackets since 1922 and started to produce varsity jackets in the 1950s from their factory in San Francisco, USA.  Created from virgin wool, nylon and leather, this jacket will keep any winter cold out.


My second favourite piece is the brown ventile mac.  Featuring, the immaculate ventile fabric which allows the wearer to keep dry, well ventilated and windproof.  To keep you extra warm, the piece includes a wool mix removable lining, the jacket becoming extra versatile whatever the weather.  This is a very easy piece to wear and can be matched up to any kind of attire.


Keeping the best till last the Slicker Jacket.  The garment is handmade in East London by Grenfell, from 100% waxed cotton.  Featuring three large map pockets with eyelets, rope fastened storm projector and a faux-fur lined hood.  This is the piece I find really captures the collection and demonstrates perfectly all that Harry Stedman is about.


The lookbook includes more jackets, pure merino wool hats and gansey knit sweaters; all ensuring plenty of insulation from the chilling winds.  Whilst wool, cigarette pocket overshirts and the thick jersey of the T-shirts give warm enough base layers when indoors.


Ft. Mat Pike of / IG: @mat_buckets

Styling: Ryan Lee – IG: @RyanVLee / @Harry_Stedman

Photography: Jake Millers – IG: @Jake_Milers /

More information and to purchase @ HarryStedman