There are some song-lines that stick in your ears forever. To me, one of those was the chorus of „This is Boston not L.A.“ by The Freeze, the title track to an early compilation of punk and hardcore bands from New England. In this less-than-one-minute belter, their singer „Cliff Hanger“ rants:

 “If you dance the same and dress the same
it won’t be long ’til you are the same
You look the same and act the same
there’s nothing new and you’re to blame“

Must be about two decades now since I first heard this song and I can’t help but call it pretty formative for the little small-town boy I was then. It became a warning and a mantra. To always be after the latest in music and clobber, for that certain piece or platter no one else has. (Who am I telling this anyways? You wouldn’t be following GTE if you’re into average Joe’s wardrobe, eh?)

No wonder that I instantly fell in love when I recently saw the first pictures of Mamnick’s new masterpiece, the „Wheston“ shirt jacket. As a part of the ever growing Black Label-line, the shirt is made in Japan, comes in strictly limited numbers and is available only via e-mail in europe. And as Mamnick is not only known for well-designed and beautifully executed garments but also for excellent customer services, I managed to get one of the last few shirts in my size shipped over to Germany. And what can I say? As with the „Monyash“ the guys once again push the concept of the overshirt one step further. Made from soft, mid-weight british donegal tweed the „Wheston“, named after a village in the Derbyshire Peak District, is available in three different colours.

Its straight true to size fit is perfect for layering in autumn/winter or as a light jacket on those warmer days. The Wheston has no collar, what makes it look even smarter when worn with a shirt or roll-neck sweater underneath. And there are lots of awesome details that make the shirt even more special: french seams on the inside, button-through cuffs, two-way inner chest pocket and a 3/4-lining from the placket half way down the back are only the more hidden features. On the outside, it’s the double-way button-up patch pockets with a flap, fastened by PNS shell buttons sporting the Mamnick logo.

So what you get here is a perfect example for Mamnick’s claim “One thing at a time as beautiful as possible” – and a beautifully assembled garment you can wear all year round in countless variations from casual to couture – thatis surely not being worn by average Joe.

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