Peter the owner of A Northern Soul told me hes always looking at graphic inspiration from vintage magazines, typography and logos. He read’s  a lot and spends hours and hours searching for cool stuff that he can use or maybe point him in some direction.

Peter works mostly in black and white as he really likes  the contrasts and darkness in those colours. Although he trys to get more stuff done in colours it often ends up much better toned down and dark.

These tees that hes releasing now i based on vintage logos, street style and 1977.

More stuff is coming during 2016 and these are the first stuff in line, hope you like them.

I do and can’t wait to see what’s next going by his top 8 jackets. I’m sure anything he produces will be mint.

Release date for the tees is Wednesday, the 13th, at 16.00 CET at and it comes in both black and white in sizes s-m-l-xl.