The past week I have been ill with D&V as it might be called in police company or to you and me the sh*ts? This bug which was something spawned in the depths of hell by satan himself saw me confined to my bed.  Lying there, weak and pitiful, I asked – why me?  Between toilet runs there are only a few options one has; use the time to stare at the ceiling, watch crap day time tv, keep refreshing and re-reading the same Instagram posts or.. and this is what I chose, search the internet to fuel my envy for more winter clothing.

While on my search I remembered the brand 6876 had released some new garments for the season.  I decided to check it out in more detail.  Here at GTE, it does not matter about the brand or name.  All that matters is the product; with its functionalities and long lasting quality clothing provided for the consumer.  6876 really is something a bit special.  Whenever you see the four digit number displayed you can be sure it’s going to be top quality, making for an immaculate item of clothing.  6876, is an example of a perfect brand and in my opinion what every label should aspire to emulate.  Keeping true to their ethos by respecting the customer and their products but not becoming a ‘sell out’ brand that so many companies become as they grow and in the process losing the respect they’ve achieved.  For every piece 6876 produce, without a doubt, they exhibit every inch of detailing, care in manufacture and sourcing of materials the location of fabrics used and how it betters its imitators.  Anyway, for more history and information about the brand check out our Clarks 6876 feature.

Enough of praising, let’s get down to business.  The brand has already blown us away this year with the collaborations with the likes of Clarks, Vera and Mamnick.  The genius, Kenneth Mackenzie continues to keep the standards raised from the rest, as 6876 release its Barkas B1000 jacket and continues its collaboration with the Tokyo based brand, The Fourness, to bring a new range of clothing.  Firstly, lets look into the Barkas B1000.  The bomber style jacket is produced using Halley Stevenson waxed cotton cloth.  For those of you who don’t know, Halley Stevenson have been producing this cloth in the same place known as the Baltic Works in Dundee since 1864.  This was even before Barbour started their waxed cotton.  The company only produces waxed cotton cloth and other companies simply cannot compare to Stevenson’s expertise and commitment to its production of their notorious waxed cotton.  Furthermore, the jacket is lined with custom made quilt and is immaculately finished off with Italian trims and Lampo zips.  All the components of the jacket being put together in London and all coming with a tin of Haley Stevenson wax to keep the jacket in good nick.  The very best of fabrics used to give you an outstanding garment.

Secondly, the continued collaboration with the Fourness has brought us a range of track suits, hooded sweats and t-shirts.  The track suits caught my eye straight away.  The Petrel Jacket, is created using Japanese bonded cotton, allowing the fabric to be tough and the perfect insulator against the cold.  Featuring a modernist take on component styling such as pocket placement, a lower gusset armhole and a curved back yoke hem instead of a straight one.  Finished with stud fastening instead of buttons and ribbed collar and cuffs.

Even when writing this feature, Mackenzie and his label are continuing.  Releasing a new collaboration with the UK brand Good Measure, who are notorious for their selection of cotton fabric and cuts used in the design of their sweatshirts and t-shirts.  The collaboration gives us a 20th anniversary t-shirt of the 6876 brand featuring a graphic design artwork on the front of the shirt which was donated by Stephen Yeo.  The t-shirt is produced in England using 300 grams of heavy weight cotton to produce a 60’s styled American t-shirt.

6876, is a brand that keeps on giving and continues to prove that they’re just better than the rest.  If other designers are thinking of doing something different or better, 6876 have probably already done it.  There are imitations but 6876, the original, will never be able to matched.