Right then, it’s time to talk about those boots that’ve been taking over your Instagram feed as of late. Y’know the ones, from that American brand, Golden Fox. They do a massive range of boots that look proper, proper mint with a decent pair of denim in this weather. Everything from moc toes, oxfords and round toes. They also do a very, very nice pair of Ivy League esque boots called Boon Dockers, but we’ll get on to them in another post, they deserve their own post, like.

Golden Fox have been around since the 70’s, keeping up a proud tradition of providing American’s with good, high quality boots while consistently improving their lines and creating new styles. They’re very proud that they consistently give the best quality of boot in the industry, done with a strong quality control process and not letting something leave their factory unless it’s absolute 100%.  They’ve grown exactly like how we at GTE think a brand should grow, naturally and via word of mouth.

Anyway, they used to supply Americans, but now I reckon they’re gonna be supplying pseudo Internet casuals with the perfect footwear for spending time in different cities getting hammered on good ale and going to the football. Our favourites at GTE are the moc toes, we’ve got a pair of the 6 inch boots and the 4 inch oxfords and both are absolutely mint. Proper soft, buttery leather that are instantly wearable, (one of our mates got them the morning he went to London for the weekend had them on all weekend and didn’t complain about them once). Like all good boots they come finished that white sole Vibram esque sole, which is what you want. If your boots aren’t sat on top of that white sole then take them back and start spending your money on Golden Fox because they know exactly what is going on when making your feet look as good as all those nice Japanese coats do.

Get them from Golden Fox, today. Do it before Christmas, your missus doesn’t need a present, you need a pair of fucking mint boots though. Shipping is less than $30 as well, imagine that. $30 is the price of round of decent craft ale.

Available here, and when you get them Instagram them, cos everyone else has.