Ever wanted to go gardening in a coach jacket that looks a bit like a Barbour? Well Sassafras has definitely got you covered. You probably know by now that Sassafras is that dead lovely Japanese brand that does the dead lovely gardening gear. It looks proper good down the pub as well as down the bottom of the garden tending to those bonsai trees you planted earlier in the year on some modernist trip, which is a better mid life crisis to have than *that haircut*

It must rain loads in the part of Japan that do the gardens cos Sassafras do loads of nice jacket, from the above mentioned ‘Northerly Tube Breaker’ to the ‘Flower Bud coat’ that’d definitely look good for walking about town looking moody, especially with those big pockets on them that you can proper stuff your hands in and walk about.

A lot of the coats are done out of that 60/40 material, the same stuff your favourite orange jacket from The Deerhunter is made out of. Get it all from Oi Polloi, there’s loads of pockets as well, that’ll definitely fill most of your pockets per jacket quota.

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