Don’t we all just love autumn? If not for the weather than for that daily joy of selecting those layering pieces that keep you warm and comfortable. Longsleeves, flannels, jumpers, overshirts, parkas, that sort of stuff. And then of course: knits. You just can’t go without.

This season mancunian menswear brand and retailer tuktuk made its first foray into knitwear. Nearly every serious brand has some of these staples in their portfolio so it seemed to be just a question of time until tuktuk joined in. And here they are, presenting a first small range of woolen goods to complement any proper wardrobe. And to cut it short: it’s just what you can expect from a collection called „Away in the Hills“. Beautifully executed classic apparel – crewneck jumpers, cable knits and cardigans to make you feel snug like a bug in a rug whether you’re out and about or just heading for the office.

Well known for those vibrant colours and patterns that are the landmark of their shirts, they turned down the colour range to a slightly basic autumnal palette here. While the sweaters are unicolor, they used a speckled wool/nylon-mix for the cardigans and cable knits that makes it look a wee bit like some tweed fabric. To complete that classic geography teacher’s look, they added some faux leather buttons on the cardigans. Though the knits are as fairly priced as any other tuktuk item, I was lucky enough to get me one of those cardigans off their sample sale (which is still running, by the way, so if you’re a size M or XL, head over to and grab yourself a real bargain). Regular size, fantastic quality and all. Hopefully, there’s more to come.

Here’s some pictures off their AW 15 lookbook:


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