Had a week off work last week, while I was off something happened. Autumn came back & summer fucked off. This is proper mint news, the best. Can fuck off all yer summer gear now and get back to dressing like a Geography Teacher, arguably the strongest look for any season, but especially autumn/winter. Cords & proper heavy denim, oxford shirts, lambswool jumpers and gore tex #COATS being worn by lads who know all over AW while making movements to football and the pub.

Shoes wise, there’s only one choice, isn’t there? Crepe soled suede shoes. For many years Clarks have dominated the AW footwear, but I tell you what, if Instagram has anything to show, Astorflex have been on the rise, and it’s not difficult to see why. They’re everything you want a sturdy looking suede shoe on top of a decent bit of crepe sole, and have a variety of styles that all have that Geography Teacher/Library Assistant look, which believe us, isn’t a bad thing.

Personally, my favourites are the Country Flex, they’ve got a real comfy look to them, and have that stitched seam down the middle that’s gonna make jokers in the pub start asking why you’ve got pasties on your feet, they’re wearing super dry though so who’ll have the last laugh? (probably them, they’ll be harder than you, experience speaking) They come in both a light (stone) and dark (dark khaki) colour ways, and are gonna look mint with a pair of blue cords and one of those nice shirts Portuguese Flannels are putting out.

They’ve also got a desert boot style one called the Greenflex that fulfils everything a Desert Boot doesn’t. Mostly that it hasn’t been worn by Tony Blair and Liam Gallagher. They’ve also got an interesting style called the Annibale that’s got a kind of monkey boot look going on expect it’s not ankle height and has a sandal kinda feel about it, maybe, I dunno. But check it out.

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