It’s getting bout that time of year again where you’re getting loads of bearded lads on the ale round town dressed like 80’s Action Men, you’ve seen them, you probably are one. But that’s cool, one of our mates named it Hikerdelia few years back and it’s a pretty good description for it, so it’s stuck and I use it a fair amount.

Bright colour 4 pocket parkas, mad bobble hats, especially the Cas Co Weir ones, and then usually a decent pair of boots, the rains out now so might as well get those Clarks back in the boxes. It’s those boots we wanna talk about, cos Ransom Holding Co (to give them their full name) have got a some proper mint boots to sort you out for the Winter, or FA15 if you’re real #MENSWEAR. Alpine’s they’re called, they make you feel like you own your own cabin and chop trees, don’t they? Well you don’t, your still in your Mum’s box bedroom, keep living the good dream tho, lads.

 Anyway, these are mint, just what you need to be getting across town to the good boozers, they’ve got that monkey boot kinda look with the laces going quite close down to the toe, in those d rings that make you look like you know all about mountain stuff, just don’t go thinking you’re ready to go climbing round Patagonia, we don’t endorse broken legs and having to have that perfectly faded denim cut off you (yeah, we’d go climbing in our selvedge, all day) full leather uppers as well, just want you want, get a bit of spilt beer and ash off your Marlboro’s to build up a nice pantina on them, just how Action Man would have wanted.

Another mint feature of these are the Vibram Christie Outsole, there’s no better sole to have on a boot is there? That look of a brown leather boot with a bright white Vibram sole is a design classic up there with the Eames lounge chair and the post it note. You see people on the internet acting all serious, moaning bout how they handle on the ice, but they’re idiots. No one leaves the house when it’s icy outside, you stay in bed watching New Girl.

These are available from Size very soon, and are more than worth queuing up all night for, more so that some training shoes cos they definitely aren’t Hikerdelia, or maybe they are? I dunno, I didn’t make the word up.