As far as ‘Unlikely Style Icons’ go, we can all agree that George Constanza is probably *the* unlikely style icon. Y’know that preppy ivy league style we all love and try to pull off? Yeah he was doing that long before us, and mixing it up with a pair of navy Nike Cortez (the only reason I bought a pair was because of the ‘Lord of the Idiots’) He’s partial to a bit of Gortex, sports a mint orange parka that wouldn’t look out of place in a Battenwear lookbook and don’t even get me started on some of the shirts he has to offer, the guy knows #MENSWEAR

Right, how does all this tie in to Uniformes Generale? Well, they’ve recently been slowly releasing their AW15 collection, and straight away it reminded me of pure George Costanza, they’ve got everything you (he) could want for some *fire emoji* winter rig outs, from down jackets, to varsity inspired sweaters. Pair anything from their shop with chinos and some Nike Cortez and you’re ready to sit in a New York cafe all day drinking decaf coffee and moaning about your life, to your comedian mate.

This analogy is a bit played out now, so I’ll stop.

But seriously, this collection is mint, really good. My personal favourites from their collection up to now, is the Stone Masters real down coat in the burnt orange, just look at the colour! It’s the best colour for a coat, no question about it, if you’re releasing a coat and it isn’t in that colour you might as well give up. Another thing I really like about it is gridded ‘square’ look of the down, usually you just get that horizontal line looking style, well this looks loads better. It’s also got a nice looking stow away hood, but I’m a big fan of hoods so i’d wear it with the hood out.


They’ve also got a proper decent looking shirt, that even Constanza (sorry) would be proud of, it kinda looks like a Ralph Lauren one, which I know UG won’t mind me saying, mostly cos they’ve already made that connection. But seriously, if it had that little horse on it i’d be ready to pay loads for it. But even so, it’s a well made shirt with all the details you’d want on a shirt, mostly buttons, a collar which is button down obviously and a pocket. Nice, simple and well put together, that pretty much sums up the whole collection, pretty timeless I reckon.

Get it at Uniformes Generale now, and if anyone can create me a ‘Morning Mist’ esque rig out from it I’ll be dead happy.