Summer was shite, I didn’t go in nearly as many beer gardens as I wanted, had no bbq’s and worked loads, my studios in the basement so I didn’t get to see any of the sun. I threw away all my summer rig outs last winter cos I’m an idiot. One good thing that did happen though, my team (United, the Manchester one, not some other imitation) signed Bastian Schweinsteiger, probably one of my favourite players, and he’s dead good.

But this post isn’t just to brag. Well, it is. Because Nick from Rosso Bianco Nero is also a United fan, obviously. Which means we get loads of nice hats based on old kits and players, perfect for the winter. He’s joined up with Trickett and made a hat based on Bastian, and Germany, but mostly Bastian. To put it lightly, it’s fucking mint. It’s close to being as good as watching Schweinsteiger playing in a United shirt week in, week out. There’s loads of things I could talk about like how it’s made using quality materials that you come to expect from a Trickett product and how it has a bobble. But fucking look at it. It’s mint, that’s all there is the say.

They’ve also done two others, one based on the kit we wore when we won the 68 European cup, with the proper old badge, and another based on the club suit, they’re just as good as the Bastian one, honestly and I’d talk more about them but I used all my words on the Bastian one.

Keep an eye out on RBN’s & Tricketts Twitter and Instagram if you fancy any of them, they’re limited edition so wait in line behind me.

I need a lie down.