Was gonna make some crack about Blue Suede Shoes, but we’re a respectable blog over here at GTE and everyone’s probably making some sort of comment along those lines about this absolutely fucking mint collab between that crepe soled outfit Clarks Originals and 6876. Now, 6876 don’t need an introduction but i’ll give youse one anyway, started by Kenneth Mackenzie named after the May 68 riots and the start of the Punk movement they make some of the best outerwear (read #COATS) around. I know boss man Coddy has had a fair few of them from 6876 over the years, and I’ve only recently got onto them with a Sonora, but I can tell youse that they’re pretty special, definitely one of those you need.

But back to the shoes. I mean look at them, I used to think that Clarks cola suede matched up best with the natural crepe sole but I was completely wrong, that blue does. I’ve got a pair of Levi’s cords that’re gonna look absolute *fire emoji* with them.

They’ve also done a Desert Boot, it’s not a style of Clarks I’ve ever really been a fan of, can’t get on with them. But 6876 have had a pretty good go at trying to turn me on to them if I’m honest with you, with that all grey suede and the crepe sole I’d be going crazy for them if I was a Desert Boot fan, but like I said, the Trek takes it for me, absolutely mint.



Clarks and 6876 have been planning these for a long time, it seems. Releasing tiny sneak peaks of them on Instagram for a while now and they’re definitely, definitely lived up to the hype that was building up, well at least I was ‘hyped’ for them. They’ve got some leather ones coming out next year apparently, so we’ll keep you updated on them.

They’re released over at Oi Polloi at midnight on Sunday. They’re definitely worth being tired for work the next day.